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How VigRX Plus® Works

Worried about premature ejaculation?

No one knows better than Albion Medical that there’s more to sexual well-being than the quality of your erections, although that’s their first and foremost priority. VigRX Plus® combines top-notch herbal ingredients so that you can achieve optimum sexual health. VigRX Plus®, delivered in a convenient pill format, is an all-natural herbal supplement specially designed to increase your sexual pleasure and performance. With continued use you’ll notice that VigRX Plus® addresses all your sexual concerns, naturally.

There are two cylindrical, sponge-like tissues in your penis called the corpus cavernosa. When the brain signals that it is aroused, the corpus cavernosa engorges with blood, creating an erection.

VigRX Plus® works by allowing the penis to hold the maximum amount of blood, as well as improving blood flow. The more blood the penis can hold, the bigger the erection. This means not only harder, but thicker and longer as well. With continued use this has the potential to add inches to your current erection size. No matter what size your penis is, whether it’s smaller than average, average, or you’re already well-endowed, VigRX Plus® offers you the opportunity for more- More inches, more strength, and more confidence.

Because your erections are so much harder with VigRX Plus®, your penis’ sensitivity reaches new heights. Every touch and stroke will be magnified. But thanks to its specially designed formula of the finest herbal ingredients, there’s no need to worry about premature ejaculation, no need to distract yourself from the most amazing sex you’ve had in years. When you do finish, be prepared for an intense orgasm.

If you’ve felt a dip in your sex drive, then VigRX Plus® is the right sexual enhancement supplement for you. Its formula also includes ingredients that are tried and true libido enhancers, such as Muira Pauma leaf extract. In a survey conducted, more than 62% of men felt their sexual libido restored after using Muira puama.

VigRX Plus® takes the guesswork out of knowing what herbal ingredients work and which don’t. Rely on their ability to combine the right ingredients in the right amounts for the best results.

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